Founded in 2009, Carey Consultants offers consulting services to entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses, non-profit organizations and public organizations across Canada. We specialize in marketing, communications, business development, and project management. Our strong business network, analytical skills, and ability to identify gaps and requirements are important assets to our customers, giving them timely and efficient access to diverse sources of reliable information.

With clients throughout New Brunswick and across Canada, Carey Consultants offers the kind of professional business development and messaging advice that will take consultants, entrepreneurs and organizations to the next level. Carey Consultants: providing concrete solutions and results for more than ten years.

Our expertise

Thanks to our extensive multi-disciplinary experience and expertise, we are well-positioned to solve even the most complex communication problems. We combine the best talent with specialists from all sectors to create flexible and dedicated teams for our customers.

We are a team with strong listening skills, with the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers. Our efforts are aimed at achieving your goals: for example, obtaining funding, increasing your sales or satisfying your existing or potential customers.

Our approach

We understand that alone we go faster, but together we go further. Our team of experts will work in collaboration with your team to respond to your needs.

We understand the realities of organizations and we know that it is important to personalize our approach and our communications style, especially when providing intervention services. We offer effective solutions tailored to help you reach your specific goals.

Our goal is to offer you the best advice, and then to provide the kind of guidance that will allow you to engineer your own success.

Our Culture







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